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- About Us -

Global Reach, Local Commitment:


At Racheenee Orchids Premium, our journey has been one of evolution and expansion, rooted in a vision that knows no bounds. While our beginnings trace back to our cherished orchid and Vanda farm nestled in the serene landscapes of northern Thailand, our reach now extends across continents, embracing the diversity and splendor of blooms from around the globe.


As we've grown, so too has our mission evolved. We are fueled by the unwavering belief that the beauty of flowers should be accessible to all, weaving their magic into the fabric of daily life, enriching homes and hearts with their timeless allure. Gone are the days when flowers were a luxury reserved for grand gestures; we are committed to democratizing their presence, making floral arrangements an integral part of everyday joy and celebration.


At the core of our ethos lies a deep dedication to sustainability. We actively seek out like-minded farms and growers, including those from our own farm, who share our reverence for the environment. By championing practices that tread lightly on our planet, we try to ensure that the breathtaking beauty of these blooms will endure for generations to come.


With each carefully sourced flower, we prioritize ethical and eco-conscious methods possible, honoring our responsibility to nurture and safeguard the natural world. Join us in our quest to preserve the splendor of nature, one bloom at a time, as we pave the way towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.


Your Journey with Us:


As you navigate through our website and explore our blooms, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of nature, the artistry of flowers, and the love you wish to convey. Every petal we deliver is a testament to our commitment to your floral experience.


Thank you for choosing Racheenee as your trusted source for quality cut flowers from around the world. We look forward to being part of your cherished moments, because, as you know, nature's beauty is meant to be shared with the people we love.

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